Take Command of Load Bids with
ClearTrack's Load Tender X-change™

Identifying the most cost-effective and reliable carrier to cover the next load on a work plan is an ongoing business challenge for retailers and manufacturers alike. The problem is especially acute for companies, who lack the steady, predictable volume that carriers require in order to fully commit the necessary resources.


THE SOLUTION - Activate the Power of Cloud Technology

Load Tender X-change™ from ClearTrack automates the request for pricing, load bidding and tender process for truckload and less-than-truckload shipments by activating the power of cloud technology to connect seamlessly with a preferred carrier community.


Delivers a turnkey system that creates a private, online e-bid market between    retailers and preferred carriers.


Provides a web-based platform that establishes a consistent single source of information, instantly accessible by all parties.


Supports start-to-finish bid and load tender collaboration workflow
performance analysis.


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Load Tender X-change™ provides complete information to all parties in real time, creating a fair and competitive marketplace.

Load Tender


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